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Find Everything from A76 Energizer Batteries and Lithium Rechargeable to AA and AAA’s Online. If you’re looking for high quality batteries from a name you can trust, you can’t go wrong with Energizer. Energizer batteries have been at the forefront of battery technology for the last two decades and continue to be one of our best selling brands. Whether you’re looking for single use batteries or rechargeable, you’ll find them all on LED Hut and at some of the lowest prices online. Unsure about which Energizer Batteries to Choose? Here's some Information to Help Single Use Energizer Batteries - Single use batteries are your standard disposable batteries and are one of Energizers biggest sellers. Energizer Ultimate Lithium single-use AAA batteries are a fantastic choice if you're looking for a battery that gives you peak performance when you need it most. Not only does it last up to 9 times longer in digital cameras, it also performs well in extreme conditions. Rechargeable Energizer Batteries - Whether you're looking for AAA or D size rechargeable batteries, you'll find all of these and more on our website. Energizer's rechargeable AAA batteries are also the world's first batteries made from 4% recycled batteries and have a battery life of 5 years. The Energizer Extreme Rechargeable battery can be charged hundreds of times and will even hold power from a single charge for 12 months when it's not in use. Energizer Button Cell - The button cells from Energizer are widely used in a wide range of devices such as watches, fishing bite alarms, hearing aids and key fobs. Coin Cell Energizer Batteries - The Coin Cells from Energizer batteries are thinner than button cells and found in a huge range of electronic gadgets such as car keys, calculators, kitchen scales and childrens toys. Lithium Photo Batteries - Energizer Lithium Photo Batteries are used in a wide range of old style analogue cameras as well as more specialised devices such as diving equipment. Buy Now and get low cost delivery So when you’re in need of single use or rechargeable Energizer batteries and don't want to break the bank, get them all on LED Hut today.
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