G4 LED Bulbs

Browse our money-saving range of G4 LED bulb options. Upgrade your home lighting solutions today with long-lasting A+ energy rated bi-pin bulbs and enjoy 25,000+ hours of performance. Switch your 20W Halogen bulbs for low-energy 2.2W G4 LED bulbs without compromising on performance.

Find the inspiration you need with our selection of G4 LED Energizer and Lumilife spotlights and downlights, and check out our capsule options.

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Key Features
  • Energy Rating A+
  • Full Beam Angle - 360º.
  • H35mm x W44mm x D16mm
  • Non-Dimmable
  • Replaces 20W Halogen Capsule
  • Up To 25000 Hours Life Expectancy
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What is a G4 LED Bulb 12V?

Downlights and lamp fittings with a 12V power supply require G4 style bulbs. But what is a G4 LED bulb 12V?

  • “G” represents the bi-pin base type (also known as the bulb cap type). To tell whether your light fittings accept bi-pin bulbs, twist and remove the bulb covering on your spotlights or lamps and look for the two-hole bi-pin fitting.
  • The “4” in G4 indicates that the pins are 4 mm apart, measured from pin centre to pin centre. This information is crucial because different widths are available.

Always wait 20 minutes after turning out the light if you are replacing Halogen bulbs due to the high temperature at which they burn. In comparison, LED bulb temperatures remain low.

Why Choose a G4 LED Bulb 12V?

Our long-life G4 LED bulb range offers superb versatility around the home. From cool practical lighting solutions in task areas such as hallways, bathrooms, and countertops to warm uplighting in relaxation areas, we can help you to set the tone around your home (check the colour temperature scale in the product description for details).