G9 LED Bulbs

Our wide range of G9 LED bulbs offers energy-efficient lighting solutions throughout your home. Check out our A++ rated options and save money today with low-consumption 2W bulb capsules designed to replace your existing 20W Halogen bulbs.

We stock a choice of energy-saving high-performance G9 LED bulbs, giving you options across top brands. Check out our popular selections of Energizer and Lumilife G9 options.

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Key Features
  • Energy Rating A++
  • H48mm x W15mm x D15mm.
  • Non-Dimmable
  • Replaces 20W Halogen Capsule
  • Up To 25000 Hours Life Expectancy
  • Wide Beam Angle - 300º
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What is a G9 LED Bulb?

Our G9 LED bulbs are manufactured to provide glare-free and shadow-free home lighting solutions, ideal for a range of domestic applications. Benefit from the equivalent performance of standard competitor bulbs at 90% less energy consumption. Here’s how to tell if you need a G9 LED bulb:

  • The “G” denotes the bi-pin bulb cap type. Check your light fittings for two small holes, indicating the light fitting is designed to house G style bulb caps.
  • “9” denotes the distance in millimetres between the bulb cap’s two connector pins. Make sure you purchase the correct size, as alternative widths are available.

G9 bulb capsules may be small, but Halogen equivalents can be hot to the touch. When retrofitting Halogens for G9 bulbs, wait 20 minutes to handle the old bulb after switching off the light.

Why Choose a G9 LED Bulb?

From your living room to your kitchen and from your porch to your garage, the G9 bulb offers 300+ degrees of home lighting solutions. Superb performance and long-life LED technology make the G9 bulb the perfect upgrade for those hard to reach areas where regular bulb changes can prove difficult.