GU10 LED Bulbs

Explore our energy saving GU10 bulb range for low wattage downlight and spotlight solutions - ideal for use in both domestic and commercial settings. Our GU10 LED bulb options come in a choice of GU10 LED cool white and warmer white options, allowing you to choose between clean and clinical GU10 LED bulbs cool white or softer GU10 LED bulbs warm white. GU10 cool white bulbs are most suited to well-lit practical areas such as kitchen counter downlighting and hallway spotlights, whereas warmer white light is more suited to relaxation areas such as living rooms.

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Key Features
  • Dimmable
  • Energy Rating A+
  • H54mm x W50mm x D50mm
  • Narrow Beam Angle - 36º
  • Replaces 75W Halogen Spotlight
  • Up To 25000 Hours Life Expectancy
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What is a GU10 bulb?

A GU10 bulb is a money saving longer lifespan option for people looking to retrofit older and less efficient Halogen spotlights and downlights. GU10 LED bulbs have a specially designed two-pronged bulb cap, with a small ‘foot’ at 90 degrees on the tip of each prong. When inserted into the light fitting and twisted into place, the downlight/spotlight is ready to start producing hour after hour of long life illumination, using less energy than competitor bulbs.

Why choose a GU10 bulb?

Hallways, kitchens, workspaces, and other activity areas often benefit from bright directional downlighting. Our GU10 bulb range provides you with your preferred choice of beam angle and light intensity, all with the warranty protected long-life performance that you need. In comparison to Halogen GU10 bulbs that may only offer a lifespan of around 1000 hours, the GU10 LED bulb range from LED Hut delivers a significantly greater bulb lifespan - some GU10 LED bulbs can last for 25000+ hours, with others lasting for up to 50,000 hours (always read the product description).