LED Living Room Lights

Our versatile range of LED living room lights can help you take control of th lighting levels in your home. Browse cool white practical lighting options and set the extra warm tone with dimmable ambient illumination.

Whether you’re looking for individual hints of personality from your LED home lighting solutions or whether you’re looking for groups of bulb shapes to complement your interior design masterplan, we have everything you need. Check out candle, golfball, and standard GLS bulb shapes, among many more.

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What is a G9 LED Bulb?

Enjoy 15+ years of reliable home lighting and benefit from money-saving low-wattage LED technology without compromising on performance. Our popular choice of LED living room lights includes a wide range of wattage options, beginning at 2 W and increasing to our 12 W options. Retrofit everything from your existing 20 W to 100 W CFL or halogen bulbs now and start to save money today.

We stock a variety of bezels to help you mix and match our beautifully finished LED living room lights for your desired look and feel. See our multiple attractive bezel options, available in, brushed nickel, chrome, satin chrome, and basic white.

LED Lights for Living Room - What are LED Filament Bulbs?

If you’re looking to replace your existing halogen bulbs with long-life energy-saving LED living room lights, you may wish to check out our stunning range of LED filament bulbs. Based on the original incandescent filament bulb design, these aesthetically pleasing bulbs bring a stylish twist to your interiors.

Whether used in ceiling fixtures, in lamps, or as part of your wall lighting features, our eye-catching filament bulbs can help you bring a chic and timeless feel to your home.