8 Silly Reasons Why People Don't Switch To LEDs

23 March 2015

8 Silly Reasons Why People Don't Switch To LEDs
8 Silly Reasons Why People Don't Switch To LEDs

Switching from halogen light bulbs to LEDs will significantly reduce your energy usage and lower your bills but people still refuse to. Here are the some silly reasons why people don't switch to LED;


LED Bulbs pay for themselves within months and continue to save money after.

Won’t fit in my existing fittings

LEDs use all the same standard fitting you have in your home.

Wait until payday

Every day you’re using Halogens you’re wasting money. Waiting until payday is actually costing you more.

It’s Spring/summer

Even though you use your lighting less in the summer, you’re still wasting money on non-economical halogen bulbs.

LEDs are new so use more energy

Halogens use 90% more energy to power them than LED bulbs.

Using ladders to change bulbs isn’t safe Changing and throwing away bulbs isn’t Eco friendly

Carrying on using halogens will use significantly more energy that using LEDs. The more energy you use the worse it is for the environment.

LEDs don’t come in normal bulbs for my lamps

LED bulbs come in all shapes and sizes so they’ll be a replacement perfect for you.

So rid yourself of your old bulbs and update to LEDs today..... and let LEDs light up your life