Are LED Lights Safe in Enclosed Fixtures?

17 April 2018

Are LED Lights Safe
Are LED Lights Safe
A 9W LED bulb in an enclosed fixture burns with a surface temperature of around 49C. Competitor higher Wattage CFL bulbs burn at a surface temperature of around 89C, and equivalent Halogen bulbs require an even higher Wattage and give off 137C. To put this into context, your hand will withstand 55C-60C. This makes heatsink LED lights the optimum safe choice for enclosed fixtures.

Enclosed fixtures - LED lights

An ‘enclosed fixture’ constitutes any light fitting with close-up surrounds. This would not usually include lampshades. Typically, enclosed fixture light fittings are the preferred lighting design in areas suited to shine-down spotlight illumination (e.g. food prep areas) or in areas that lend themselves to mood lighting (e.g. lounge or bedroom). What’s the issue?... The issue with enclosed fixture lighting is poor heat dissipation. Where a significant heat build up occurs, there is an ‘overdriving’ effect on the bulb - a similar effect can be seen in computing where heated components suffer from premature failure due to ‘overclocking’. What’s the outcome?... There are two outcomes. First, there will be reduced lighting consistency that could lead to noticeable flickering. Secondly, the lifespan of the bulb will be greatly affected.

LED lights - Heatsink solutions

As noted above, LED lights burn at a much cooler temperature compared to competitor CFL and Halogen bulbs. Speak to a member of our expert team today to discover how heatsink LED lights are the best choice for your enclosed fixtures. The multi layer heatsink design draws heat away from the bulb and forces air convection ventilation between the fins. Choosing the correct heatsink surface coating will also benefit heat distribution depending on the nature of your enclosed fixture.

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