Brighter, Slimmer, Stronger – Our NEW Range of LED Floodlights

16 October 2017

New LED Floodlight
New LED Floodlight

Introducing our NEW LED slimline floodlight range

Our LED floodlights have evolved – now you can expect more brightness for your buck, as well as a host of other exciting features. The new slimline LED floodlights are perfect for use across a range of different areas, such as warehouses, car parks, sports grounds and even domestically for security lighting. We offer a range of different wattages too, from 80 Watts to 200 Watts – giving you more choice to create a tailored lighting scheme, whatever your needs.

More brightness for your buck

Thanks to a new, integrated flicker-free Mean Well driver, the LUMiLife LED slimline floodlight range operates with greater efficiency, while casting a clearer, crisper light for improved clarity. In fact, you can now expect 44% more brightness for the same power consumption. See how our old and new LED floodlights compare below:
Old 80W LED Floodlight New 80W LED Floodlight
Watts 80W 80W
Lumens 8160 9200
Lumens per Watt 102 115
Weight 6kg 2.8kg
Size (H x W X D) 430 x 340 x 120 mm 245 x 354 x 55 mm
They've also been fitted with a PC Cooler, meaning they reduce the amount of heat generated and run at lower temperatures – further increasing overall efficiency and output.

Designed to perform – whatever the weather, whatever your needs

Each LED flood has been fitted with an advanced anti-corrosive casing that's IP65 rated, so it'll withstand robust weather conditions and give you up to 30,000 hours of high-quality light output. The tempered glass also offers an extra layer of protection against the elements – perfect for outside use. Thanks to the new, slimmer design that comes in a sleek black casing, you have greater versatility with where you place the floodlight, without any compromise on light output. The wide 120° beam angle offers more coverage, allowing you to light-up larger areas, such as warehouses and car parks.

Quality you can trust

All of our LED floodlights are RoHS and ISO9001 compliant, ensuring they meet all regulatory standards. They've been designed to deliver outstanding quality for years to come, which is why we also offer a 5 year warranty to give you extra peace of mind.

Find the perfect LED floodlight

We offer 4 different models offering a variety of lumens outputs going up to a massive 23,000 lumens. Find the perfect LED floodlight for your lighting plan below:
Model Watts Lumens Input Current (MA) Output Current (MA) Weight (kg) Size (LxWxH) (mm)
80W LED Floodlight 80 9200 350 2360 2.8 245 x 354 x 55
100W LED Floodlight 100 11500 435 2960 3.75 295 x 420 x 60
150W LED Floodlight 150 17250 653 4440 4.75 330 x 430 x 60
200W LED Floodlight 200 23000 870 5920 5.85 360 x 40 x 60