How can I save money on my warehouse lighting?

22 March 2017

How can I save money on my warehouse lighting?
How can I save money on my warehouse lighting?
Energy bills can be a large overhead in a business and lighting can form a sizeable proportion of this. If you want to save money, upgrading your warehouse lighting to LED is a quick and easy way to do this. In fact the savings can be vast! YOU COULD SAVE UP TO 62% A YEAR BY SWITCHING TO LED LIGHTING Currently you may have warehouse lighting such as Metal Halide Low or High Bays, fluorescent tubes and halogen flood lights. None of these are energy efficient and will mean you’re paying far more than you need to on your lighting costs. All have of these have LED equivalents;
LED High Bay Lights LED High Bays
LED Tube Lights LED Tube Lights
LED Floodlights LED Floodlights
LED warehouse lighting has many benefits over traditional lighting other than just cost savings;
  • MAINTENANCE FREE:For up to 70,000 hours. In comparison, standard incandescent lamps last for up to 8000 hours.
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY:That’s probably 4 more years than you’re currently getting with your traditional High Bay’s!
  • REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT WITH LED:Energy efficient lighting is not only a contributor on a BREEAM assessment, but they also fully comply with UK Building Regulations.
  • DIRECT REPLACEMENT:LEDs are a simple switch from your old, inefficient lighting.
  • FREE OF HARMFUL CHEMICALS:LED Lamps do not contain mercury and are 100% recyclable.
The actual savings you can make will depend on the size of your premises and your usage. No matter your circumstance, upgrading your warehouse lighting to LED will reward you and can pay for itself within 6 months and can last for up to 12 years . Here is a case study of a company we helped make the switch and save thousands:

Despite both properties operating the same amount of lighting, the warehouse running on LEDs operates on 219,000 kW less than the other. This results in a power saving and decrease in lighting costs of 62%. They saved a massive £26,000 a year by upgrading to LED lighting.

LED Hut can help you make these changes and savings. Although these lights do switch like for like we understand it isn’t quite as easy as swapping a bulb. Because of this we offer a full service to manage every stage of your upgrade. This starts with a FREE no obligation lighting survey to establish your needs as calculate your potential savings. What our service includes;
  • Arrange a free no obligation lighting survey.
  • We’ll put together a custom lighting design to give you an accurate quote for the project.
  • Supply the fittings and arrange full installation depending on your needs.
  • If required, connect you with a trusted loan partner to help fund the deal
We guarantee we’ll reduce your lighting cost by at least 40%.** Why not sign up for a FREE NO OBLIGATION site survey today *Information based on upgrading from 100x 400w unit to 150w LED, electrictyrate remains at a flat rate of £0.12/kWh & lighting system is run at full capacity24 hours per day, 365 days per year. **Estimate based on you upgrading before having any LED lighting