Cheap Garden Lighting: Top Six Ways to Light Your Garden on a Budget

9 June 2017

garden lighting
garden lighting
Spring is here and we’ve already had spells of nice weather. With British summers being a bit unpredictable we all want to make the most of our gardens when we can. This includes the evenings, be it a party or just enjoying your outdoor space by yourself. Lighting is very important for both practicality and setting the mood for your event. We can’t all spend a fortune though, so today we’re looking at how to create great garden lighting on a budget. Some amazing lighting schemes can be produced for very little. Here are our top six ways to light your garden for little or no expense:

Garden lantern lights

Lanterns offer a light source that is cheap, practical and multipurpose - there’s a reason we still use them after hundreds of years. There’s something authentic and romantic about candle light which sets the tone for the evening. With lanterns coming in all shapes, sizes and designs, you can create a multitude of garden lighting schemes. If you’re worried about safety you could use LED candles that naturally flicker and are made of wax like the real thing.
solar chinese lantern lights 20cm Solar Chinese Lantern Lights
Small solar chinese lantern lights Small Solar Chinese Lantern Lights
table top led lantern lights Table top LED lantern light

Solar garden lights

LED technology has increased the possibilities of how and where lights can be used. The very low energy usage of an LED means they can be lit with very little power. This has been utilised in solar garden lights as the sun can be used to power a light through the night and then recharged again the next day. The fact that no wiring or power source is needed make solar lights very cheap to make and buy, and cost nothing to fit. There are multiple options of light types, such as post lights, wall lights, step lights and lantern lights.
solar led post lights Solar LED Post Lights
solar led step lights Solar Step Lights
solar led wall light Solar Wall Light

Homemade garden lights

Homemade is always a great option to save money, and garden lighting is no exception. There are obviously some limitations, but the easiest lights won’t be too complicated and still impressive. One great example of a DIY garden light is creating a tin can lantern. This is simply made by cleaning a old can and putting holes in it to let light through. The pattern of the holes is completely up to you so put your own stamp on it. An even simpler option is to use a glass jar. The light is then easily produced from tea lights. Why not even try using LED tea lights for added safety, then there’s no need for open flames.
tin can lantern Tin Can Lantern
Glass Jar Light Glass Jar Light

Glow in the dark paint

Illuminating your garden needn't be with actual lights. You could make striking features that glow in the dark. This can be achieved by using special paint on objects around your garden. Mostly for decorative light, you could transform an area of your garden to impress your friends, at a bargain price. What you make glow in the dark would be personal to your garden, and subtlety is the key: Think a planter and pebbles over a side of your shed or fence.

Repurpose Christmas lights

We all have a collection of Christmas lights we get out for six weeks of the year and then cast back into the attic. Most Christmas lights are quite simple in design and could easily be reused in summer for your garden. Why not wrap fairy lights around plants and trees or put up your curtain to light outside from your window?

Battery powered garden lights

You may not associate battery lights with your garden, but like solar, battery garden lights have come to the forefront since the introduction of LED. Efficient lighting can be battery powered if motion sensors are used. Batteries can then last a full summer as they are only used when needed. This makes them perfect for security or safety; or welcoming, such as lining a pathway.
battery powered led spotlight Battery Powered Spotlight
battery powered led path lights Battery Powered Path Lights
battery powered led step light Battery Powered Step Light
Battery lights also don’t require any wiring or fixed installation making them very versatile. A light that may be used in another position or even indoors can usually be moved for parties and entertaining.