Four Top Tips to Create a Style Statement in Your Home

20 September 2018

Style Statement Living Room
Style Statement Living Room

Owning your own home offers a great opportunity to stamp an individual sense of style to its interior. Whether you’re a sucker for slick modernism or retro and vintage themes are more to your taste, today we break down how to create a unique style statement through interior design that will make your home stand out from the rest. 

1. Pick a neutral palette

Your choice of wall colour ultimately dictates the theme and style of the room and, subsequently, should be the starting point for anyone looking to assert a defined style. Neutrals, blacks and whites serve as adaptable backdrops for bolder colours that can play against each other to accent and punch up a pallet. Lighter and brighter colours will open up a room due to their reflectiveness, giving the illusion of more space, thus creating a more emphatic style. 

2. Consider lighting

Lighting can often be overlooked in interior decor, however, the truth is that it is perhaps the most important factor to consider when designing any space. Ensuring your room has a layered lighting scheme will provide a balanced ambience that can create style, warmth and functionality. First, the general source of light should come from a ceiling light capable of illuminating an entire room. Consider suspended hanging lights to give the illusion of more height in a room, while looking ultra-modern and slick through their industrial style design. The addition of track lighting provides flexibility through versatile lighting options, with tracks joining together to ensure you can select the exact amount of lighting you need. This puts you in control, with the perfect ambience for any room achieved at just the flick of a switch. Lastly, wall lights provide a unique and minimalist lighting option capable of creating a dramatic ambience that will beautifully compliment any room’s aesthetic. Place them next to decorative items or wall art as a means of illuminating focal points in the room for added emphasis.

3. Choose simple furniture

Modern Interior Room

Making simple furniture choices makes a bold statement while avoiding the cluttered look that can plague many rooms. Choose smooth and clean shapes, adding colour and textures through pillows, blankets and throws. Going basic and bold is a great minimalist technique that adds a sophisticated sense of style, embellishing the classic theory that less is more.

4. Plan your decor

Decor can often be an afterthought when designing a new space, used as a way of filling any areas not assigned to furniture, yet a home is defined by its decor, which can be used as a way of truly asserting that sense of style on your interior. Mix and match your media to enhance any room, choosing between paintings and posters, photographs and prints, to inject that touch of personalised character. Experiment with a mix of different sized prints and canvases on some walls and contrast them with lone, impactful pieces displayed proudly on the others. Explore auction houses in the UK for some golden rare art and print discoveries, keeping a lookout for a unique antique (or two) that will really tie a room together for that ultimate finished look. Following these four tips will help you make a real statement in your home interior style, keeping your house looking homely and trendy, no matter your taste.