How to Create the Illusion of Space in Small Bathrooms

2 January 2018

small bathroom interior design
small bathroom interior design
Small bathrooms are fairly standard in UK homes, but working with small dimensions doesn’t have to mean putting up with a cramped bathroom or compromising on style - it’s simply about making the right interior design choices to create the illusion of additional space. In today’s post, we’ll be sharing some tried and tested tricks to give you all the inspiration you need. From large format tiles to all white interiors and bright lighting, our top tips are guaranteed to give even modestly-sized bathrooms a bright and airy vibe.

Use all-white interiors

Still proving to be a go-to interior design trend, all-white interiors can work wonders when it comes to creating the illusion of space, particularly in smaller areas. Decorating your small bathroom in white will instantly open the area up - making it look and feel much more spacious. Whether you’re looking to achieve a classic or contemporary style, a white colour scheme will provide a clean and minimalistic finish. If you’re worried about it looking too simple, why not add interest with different textures and finishes for tiles and accessories?

Go large with tiles

bathroom interior If you want to emulate a spacious bathroom even when the dimensions aren’t in your favour, opt for large-format bathroom tiles over their smaller counterparts. With fewer grout lines to distract the eye, large tiles will leave you with a sleek and uncluttered aesthetic - making the room look bigger, whether you’re going for a modern theme or something more traditional.

Flood the space with light

Lighting plays an integral part in styling any room, which is why, in small bathrooms it’s important to go for a bright lighting solution to give the appearance of more space, as well as practical lighting for everyday use. From bright LED spotlights that reach every corner, to over-the-sink vanity lamps and strip lights, with numerous bathroom lighting styles available, you can easily achieve a bright and vibrant atmosphere. You can even opt for dimmer switches, allowing you to adjust the lighting levels for different moods.

Make use of mirrors

Every bathroom needs a mirror, but these essential accessories can do so much more than simply show your reflection in the mornings. Making use of large mirrors in small bathrooms by positioning them adjacent or opposite windows and light sources will reflect an abundance of light around the room - helping you to achieve a bright, airy room with a luxurious finish.

Maximise floor space

With space at a premium in small bathrooms, it goes without saying that keeping the floor area as clutter free as possible is vital for ensuring it doesn’t feel cramped. Opting for floating shelves and sinks, as well as making good use of wall space for storage will all go towards making the room look less cluttered. Whatever style bathroom you’re working with, we hope these interior design tricks will bring you one step closer to your dream bathroom, regardless of its size. Images Source: Pixabay