How To Ride The SmartGlider Self Balancing Board

3 August 2015

How To Ride The SmartGlider Self Balancing Board
How To Ride The SmartGlider Self Balancing Board
SmartGlider, the electric balance board sometimes called a hoverboard, is a great way to get around and have a laugh too. Before you can do this, you have to master how to ride it first. So here’s our step by step guide on how to ride the SmartGlider. Let’s get you going:
  1. Turn the board on here.
SmartGlider - turn on
  1. Place one foot centrally on one pad, with an even weight distribution. If you’re wary at first, you can hold onto somebody or something as you get used to it.
Smartglider - one foot
  1. Do the same with the other foot, keeping your feet evenly spread without leaning forward or back.
SmartGlider - stood
  1. Gently pivot your feet forward to move the SmartGlider forward. Lean backwards to move in the opposite direction.
SmartGlider - forward
  1. To turn right, ease slightly off the left pad and increase pressure on the right.
SmartGlider - turn
  1. Once you become more confident you can quicken things up and go faster. Before you know it you’ll be zipping about with ease and turning on a sixpence.
SmartGlider away If you haven't got a smartglider yet you can get more info here or buy