MiHome Setup Couldn't be Easier! Learn How to Set Up Energenie MiHome

22 November 2017

MiHome Featured Image
MiHome Featured Image
The festive season is upon us, which to many means Christmas pudding, gaudy Christmas hits, and family feuds over what to watch on TV. It also means the winter chill is upon us too. Most people can expect their electricity and heating bill to sky-rocket during the coming winter months and through to March where we'll see the first hints of spring. So now is an opportune moment to look at tackling those bills head-on. One way to do that is through Energenie MiHome – a smart home automation technology that connects to your heating and lighting to give you more control over your energy use, and in turn your bills too! Setting up your Energenie MiHome couldn't be easier either. Have a flick through our quick guide below to see exactly how easy it is.

How to set up your Energenie MiHome home automation system

1. The gateway to cheaper energy bills

Energenie MiHome Gateway The whole MiHome smart automation system runs through one central area: the Gateway. The Gateway connects your MiHome devices - which control your heating, lighting and appliances - to your smartphone or MiHome remote control. When you've connected the Gateway to your router using the provided ethernet cable, a green light will eventually appear – this means you're pretty much good to go. All you need to do next is download the dedicated MiHome app, which is available on both Play Store and Apple store. From the app, you'll be able to control your radiator valves, lighting, appliances, and more from the palm of your hand, anywhere in the world.

2. Turn up the heat

Energenie MiHome Radiator Valves Heating is a major consumer of energy, which is why the MiHome radiator valves are so invaluable during the winter months. They're really easy to fit too – you don't even need a professional to install them. You simply replace your current radiator valves with your new MiHome radiator valves. You're provided with everything you need and clear instructions on how to fit them. You'll be up-and-running within 5 minutes. When they're set-up, you can then: regulate the heating in any room, set temperatures and add timed programmes for the heating to come-on in advance. They can also operate with circumstantial 'If This Then That' rules that mean your heating can turn on, or off, in response to external conditions such as the weather changing.

3. Light it up

Energenie MiHome Light Switch Do you know what the second biggest consumer of electricity in your home is? It's not your Xbox or TV. It's not even your oven. It's actually your lighting. Through MiHome's Smart Switch you'll enjoy more control over your mains lighting. You can set-up 'If This Then That' scenarios, set timers built around your lifestyle and even pair with Amazon Alexa to give you voice command too. You can set-up MiHome's Smart Switch yourself, but if you're in any doubt we recommend consulting a qualified electrician. When the Smart Switch is installed, you simply add it as 'a new device' on the MiHome app to get started. Simple as that.

4. The home of the future (now)

Energenie MiHome Control Adapters So, we've got your Gateway connected, radiators geared-up and your light switches singing from the same hymn sheet too. Now it's time to get your appliances in on the act using MiHome Adapters – plugged devices that help you cut energy-use more effectively. MiHome Adapters can be plugged into a standard socket. You then connect your appliance, device or lamp of choice to the MiHome Adapter and pair them with your smartphone or browser. There are 3 different types of MiHome Adapters that let you do different things: • Monitor Adapter lets you monitor energy-use and switch-off devices/appliances • Control Adapter lets you control devices and set programmable timers • Adapter Plus Control lets you do all of the above: monitor energy use, control devices and set programmable timers

5. Automated home security

Energenie MiHome PIR Sensor Want to step-up your home security system? Then check out the MiHome Wireless P.I.R sensor. This handy and discreet motion detector device will alert you via your smartphone or browser if motion is detected. Perfect if you're away on holiday and want to keep an eye on your home. You can also adjust the sensitivity to account for pets and other unwanted triggers. Like with all MiHome devices, the MiHome Wireless P.I.R sensor needs paired with the MiHome Gateway to operate. You can view all of the MiHome sensors here.