Why LED Filament Bulbs are Becoming Every Interior Designer's Trendiest Accessory this Year

11 September 2017

Industrial style LED filament bulbs
Industrial style LED filament bulbs

The LED filament bulb: trend setter or modern relic?

The humble light bulb: Sitting there picking up dust as he hides behind your far trendier lampshade. The only time he's forced out of this solitary existence is when he fades out and you unceremoniously disregard him for a younger, brighter model. Well, that's a thing of the past now as the once innocuous light bulb has upped his game. The past few years has seen the light bulb become a leading star, rather than a forgotten cameo, in the world of interior design. The raw and unfinished industrial-look of yesteryear has seen a revival, and central to that has been the hanging pendant with exposed lightbulb combo that offers the authenticity so many crave in their homes. Design enthusiasts are now hunting for those rustic Edison fluorescent bulbs of the early 20th century in search of recreating that raw industrial appeal. But, as we all know, fluorescent bulbs consume so much energy that every time you switched them on you may end up wishing you'd left the lights off when your next bill arrives. The good news is it was only going to be a matter of time until the relatively new technology of LED lighting got in on the act. And after all, why not be on-trend and save money at the same time? This article will show you a host of stunning examples of LED filament bulbs in action.

Why choose LED filament bulbs?

In the past, people worried that LED filament bulbs weren't quite as authentic-looking as their energy gobbling –but more attractive – incandescent counterparts. And they were right. LEDs were ugly. But as LEDs become increasingly popular for their energy-saving capabilities, their designs have vastly improved too. Now you'd be hard pushed to tell the difference between an LED filament bulb and a fluorescent equivalent – right down to the burning filament that sparkles from the centre. Plus, we all know it’s not just about the looks when it comes to LED lighting. The savings you can make are huge. In fact, LEDs use up to 90% LESS energy than fluorescent lightbulbs – saving you literally hundreds on your bills every year. So you can get look while saving money. Have a see for yourself below:

Dining rooms

What better place to exhibit a stunning set of new LED filament vintage bulbs than around the dining table for guests and family to see? Opt for teardrop shaped LED filament bulbs that look fantastic when suspended from an open pendant with an industrial bronze finish to complete the look.
teardrop shape LED filament bulb Teardrop Shape LED Filament Bulb
candle shape LED filament bulb Candle Shape LED Filament Bulb

Living rooms

One of the best bits about LED filament bulbs is that they can also recreate the famous warm colour tones of their traditional predecessors. LED Hut now offer bulbs in 'very warm white' colour temperatures that create cosy, homely atmospheres that are perfect for living spaces. They're also really versatile and can be fitted into lamps and wall light fittings to create a welcoming ambience.
Globe Shape LED Filament Bulbs Globe Shape LED Filament Bulbs
Bar Lighting LED Filament Bulbs LED Filament Bulbs for Bar Lighting

Bars and restaurants

Cast a cursory glance at the next bar you're in and you'll probably see a low-hanging filament bulb. They're becoming increasingly popular in bars and restaurants and for good reason: they're attractive, available in a variety of shapes, and are very on-trend.

Suspended from beams

Industrial style LED filament bulbs Industrial Style Lighting with LED Filament Bulbs
The industrial look is in. Steel surfaces, neutral tones, vintage furniture, metal shelves and now the exposed filament light bulb are all cornerstones to industrial design. Hang your new LED filament bulb from a bronze or-steel surfaced pendant to show it in its full glory. You can view our full range of LED filament bulbs here.