LED-Man's Big Questions 07/07/15

7 July 2015

LED-Man's Big Questions 07/07/15
LED-Man's Big Questions 07/07/15
It's that time of the week again for LED-Man to save the day and help with the biggest questions of the week. Q: What is the warranty on your bulbs? A: All our bulbs carry a standard warranty of 2 years. However, you can extend this to 5 years at no extra cost by completing and returning the form here:www.ledhut.co.uk/warranty This will entitle you to an unlimited number of replacements for failed bulbs for the duration of your warranty, and a brand new replacement of the latest equivalent model if we are unable to offer the model first purchased. Q: Which would you recommend, the GU10-350 4.5w or the GU10-COB 4.5w? A: Both are good quality, 50 watt equivalents with similar lumen output. The COB is slightly brighter, with 10 lm more than the GU10-350. The beam angle of the GU10-350 is very wide at 120 degree, whereas the COB has 90. So it depends upon your requirements; if you wish to use less spots and spread light over a larger area the 350 is for you and if you want a brighter, more direct light then the COB would be best. And in any case, we have a 30 day no quibble return policy, should you want to exchange them.
Lumilife GU10 350 4.5w
Lumilife 4.5w COB
Q: I can't see my parcel on the courier's website. What's wrong? A: The tracking will go live when the parcel has entered the courier's network, usually on the evening of the day of dispatch. So if you ordered over the weekend and cannot see the tracking on Monday, it is because the order has yet to be scanned at the courier's depot. Q: Are Lumicam and Appbot waterproof? A: I'm afraid not, but we have been asked a few times, so maybe in the future there will be a waterproof version. Watch this space.
Click here to the product in action
Click here to see the bot in action
Q: Why do I need to change transformer? A: It is not always necessary, but low voltage LEDs run on 12V DC, so please check your transformers before ordering. Your previous or existing halogens may be running on 12V AC, which would cause problems for LED lamps. Q:I am after a 2.5m striplight LED to fit under cupboards for task lighting, with the distance between fitting and worksurface approximately 500mm A: No problem. We have a 3m plug and play kit that can be cut down to size here Q: How many lamps can I put on a dimmer? A: Between 2 and 10 on the V-PRO. (Minimum load is 10 watts. The 9 watt standard dimmable lamp is actually 10.5, so no problems there) If you have a larger load, consider the Varilight V-COM (which we don’t sell at the moment)