LED vs Halogen: Is LED or Halogen Better?

7 March 2018

LED vs Halogen
LED vs Halogen
LED light bulbs are vastly superior to halogen, lasting over ten times longer while consuming 85% less electricity. This means that by opting for LED bulbs over halogen, you could save up to £300 per year on your lighting costs! In today’s post we answer eight of the most common questions that people ask when comparing LED bulbs to halogen.

Are LED bulbs as bright as halogen?

Yes, LED bulbs are as bright as halogen. Not only that, but an LED bulb will produce the same amount of light as a halogen bulb while using 85% less power, so you can replace a 50 Watt halogen bulb with a 7.5 Watt LED.

Are LED bulbs more energy efficient than halogen?

Yes, LED bulbs use 85% less energy than a halogen bulb while emitting the same amount of light.

Are LED light bulbs more expensive than halogen?

Yes, LED bulbs are slightly more expensive than halogen, however the difference in price is shrinking all the time as LED technology becomes more advanced. Also, as we’ll see when we answer the next question, you more than recoup the increased up-front cost with a substantial increase in lifespan.

Do LED bulbs last longer than halogen?

Yes, LED bulbs last a lot longer than halogen bulbs. In fact, LED bulbs last ten times longer than halogen. When you combine that fact with the reduction in energy consumption, you can really see how it pays to choose LED over halogen.

Are LED bulbs cooler than halogen bulbs?

Yes they are. The majority of the energy that an LED bulb uses is converted into light rather than heat, which makes them much cooler to touch. With halogen bulbs, most of the energy is turned into heat, which is why they require so much more energy to produce the same amount of light as a much lower wattage LED.

How many lumens are in a 100 Watt halogen bulb?

A good quality 100 Watt halogen bulb will produce around 1900 lumens. A 100 Watt LED light source will produce around 11,500 lumens!

Can you replace a halogen bulb with an LED bulb?

Yes, you can replace a halogen bulb with an LED. The only instance where this is not possible without an additional driver as in the case of MR16, MR11 and G4 spotlight bulbs.

Can you put LED lights in halogen fittings?

As we’ve already mentioned, most halogen bulbs can be directly replaced with an LED, regardless of the fitting. LED bulbs require a DC electric supply to operate, which means that the standard AC supply in your home needs to be converted to DC in order to power LEDs. With most LED bulbs, the conversion takes place in the light bulb itself, so you can simply replace a halogen bulb with an LED. There are, however, certain types of LED spotlight that do not make the conversion – G4, MR11 and MR16. For these bulbs you will need to install a driver to convert the AC supply to DC before it reaches the bulb.