The Difference Between Warm White, Daylight & Cool White LED Bulbs

8 April 2015

The Difference Between Warm White, Daylight & Cool White LED Bulbs
The Difference Between Warm White, Daylight & Cool White LED Bulbs

Is warm white or cool white best for the living room, bedroom, and bathroom? Whereas warm light simulates ambient sunsets in the 1,000 to 5,000 Kelvin range, cool light is bright and clinical in the 5,000 to 10,000 Kelvin range. Create the ideal cozy atmosphere with relaxing warm light, and focus the attention in active areas with cool light. Let’s take a closer look at cool white vs warm white LED bulbs. When you come to buy LED bulbs, you’ll have a range of colours to choose from that’ll enhance living spaces, set the perfect ambience and bring surrounding decor to life.

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The most popular choices are Cool White, Daylight and Warm White and these colours are measured in Kelvins. The higher the Kelvin value, the whiter the light. Warm White offers between 2700-3200 Kelvins, Daylight sits between 4000-4500, while Cool White consists of 5000-6200 Kelvins. For more info on kelvins read here Below you can see the difference between each one and where they're best used:

Warm White

Warm white is perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere in areas you want to chill with friends and family. Most people choose this colour for their living room, bedroom or dining room where everyone is gathered together.


Cool White

Cool white complements contemporary and modern decor as it casts a fresh, clear glow. It’s brighter and more focused, making it a popular choice for use in bathrooms and kitchens.



If you’re looking to create a natural effect, daylight is the colour for you. It mimics natural light and can be comfortably used anywhere in your home.


As well as being able to tailor LED lighting to your home decor, you’ll save plenty of pennies on your energy bills thanks to a far lower energy consumption and a 25,000 hour lifespan. If you're interested in switching to LED lighting, you can see our range here. On offer is wide range of colour options, fittings, shapes and a 5 year warranty too.