The New EU Energy Label for Lighting Products

24 August 2021

The New EU Energy Label for Lighting Products
The New EU Energy Label for Lighting Products

To help consumers cut their energy bills and carbon footprint, a brand new version of the widely-recognised EU energy label for lamps and other lighting products will be applicable in all shops and online stores from Wednesday, 1 September 2021. In recent years efforts to considerablly improve energy efficiency in this sector has meant increasing numbers of “light sources” (such as lamps and LED modules) have achieved the highest label ratings of "A+" and "A++" according to the current scale.

Immediatly the most obvious change is the return to a simpler A - G scale. On the new scale very few products will be able to initially achieve the "A" and "B" ratings, leaving space for new innovation and development of more efficient products. Light Sources previously labeled with efficiency ratings of "A+" and "A++" will now typically fall into the "C" or "D" groups. Otyher new elements on the label include a QR code lilnking consumers to an EU-wide database, where full details about the product can be found.

Old Luminous Efficiency (lm/W) New
210 and above A
185 - 209 B
160 - 184 C
135 - 159 D
A++ 110 - 134 E
A+ 85 - 109 F
A <85 G
B <~50
C <~20
D <~15
E <~13


You can read more details and learn about the features of the new label from the EU commission here.