Top 10 Upcycled Lighting Ideas

14 April 2015

Top 10 Upcycled Lighting Ideas
Top 10 Upcycled Lighting Ideas
Our aim with Bright Ideas is to enlighten (pardon the pun) people about everything they need to know about lighting, whether it's technical info, the latest news or style tips. When it comes creative ideas and inspiration, we want to show you how we or our customers have used lighting in inventive ways. Here we’ve compiled our top 10 Pinterest creative upcycled light fittings and lamps; Light In A Tea Cup


This creation combines a classic antique-look tea cup and saucer with a modern metal, malleable frame to create a unique centrepiece and a handy sidekick when you're working, reading or creating. Warehouse Pulley Light

pulley-ceiling light

The warehouse look is very popular at the moment, both at home and in commercial spaces such as retail outlets and bars. This pulley light epitomises this and would look perfect with one of our LED Filament Bulbs. A Bucket Load of light


Upcycling old industrial items is a prime Pinterest exercise, due to the availability of the items and the traditional look it produces. An Accident Leads To Inspiration


Tall Lamps are very popular and re-using crutches is a novel and inspired way of creating an impressive standing lamp. Spring In To Light Spring-in-to-light Naked Filament Bulbs are at the height of lighting fashion at the moment. Lamp shade designs are being modified to expose the light, where in the past they were made to conceal bulbs. This innovative use of old bed springs is a perfect example. A Fairy Lantern


Not all lighting ideas have to be inside or permanent lights. This lantern is filled with fairy lights to charming effect. Impressive Jar Chandelier jar-lantern This piece maybe isn't something all of us can create ourselves due to the complexity of it’s construction. But if space permits, this lighting feature would make for an interesting focal point in any home. Have A Drink On Us


This light fitting embraces steampunk design, while stirring (hopefully) welcome memories of nights out with friends. The Jim Bean bottles could easily be changes for your favorite tipple.

Petrol Powered Lamp


Ok, so it’s not actually powered by petrol but the inspiration is there, with an old petrol can forming the base of the lamp.

Decanter Pendant Light


These old decanters have been superbly reused as pendent lights. Not only do they look great, but the antique engravings in the glass create a distinctive light effect.