Vintage Light Bulbs: The Reaction on Social Media

15 May 2017

Vintage Light Bulbs: The Reaction on Social Media
Vintage Light Bulbs: The Reaction on Social Media
The vintage industrial look has been used to great effect in bars, restaurants and now homes for a number of years. Bare walls, utilitarian objects, wood and metal have made the warehouse look fashionable. To make a décor complete every aspect has to conform to the look, including lighting. To create the industrial feel, vintage light bulbs became popular, displayed in authentic fittings and upcycled objects. Today we’re looking at how people are commenting and showing off their warehouse lighting on Twitter and Instagram.
Adrian is enjoying the relaxing atmosphere the warm light from his LED filament bulbs create in this home: Vintage LED Filament Bulb
Emily is using the mood set by her vintage Edison lighting to inspire her writing: Vintage Edison bulb
Phil has been busy creating his own vintage upcycled lamp to house his filament bulb: Vintage filament lamp
A great example of a customised light displaying a varied selection of filament bulbs, incorporating reclaimed wood and chains: vintage bulbs
Victoria has created a personalised bedside setting with a vintage teardrop bulb enclosed in a cage. Vintage bulb cage
Andre has taken this snap of a tranquil setting created in a Melbourne coffee shop with 3 large globe bulbs. vintage globe bulbs
Social media has shown us that people all over the world are using vintage bulbs to create stylish relaxing settings in their homes and businesses. You can do this yourself with our range of LED vintage bulbs, available in an array of sizes and fittings.