What are the Different Types of LED Bulb?

16 February 2018

Types of LED bulb
Types of LED bulb
All types of LED bulb are now available to suit standard home fixings, including screw and bayonet. LED bulbs last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs (filament) and five times longer than Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL). Also, LED bulbs do not emit ultraviolet light, which can degrade photos and home decor. Here's a quick guide to the different types of LED bulb available. The definitive guide to LED light bulbs and spotlights.">
E27 LED Bulb

E27 (Edison Screw)

E27 bulbs are the most popular around. They're also known as 'Edison Screw' bulbs or simply 'ES'. They're used widely across the UK and also over the Atlantic in the US. They measure 27mm, which is the same as a halogen or incandescent E27, so you can simply pop an LED E27 into an existing E27 fitting – it's completely hassle-free.
E14 LED Bulb

E14 (Small Edison Screw)

The screw on an E14 bulb is identical to an E27 but for one thing: it's smaller, measuring just 14mm in diameter, which is why they're often used in small fittings for decorative or purely practical purposes – such as chandeliers and appliances.

B22 (Bayonet)

B22 LED Bulb Another popular bulb across the West is the B22, or Bayonet, light bulb fitting. It measures 22mm in diameter and is often found hidden behind lamps and lamp shades.
B15 LED Bulb

B15 (Small Bayonet)

A smaller alternative to the large B22 bulb, the B15 bulb measures just 15mm in diameter to accommodate smaller fittings.
R50 LED Bulb


R50 bulbs – also known as reflector bulbs – feature an E14 Edison screw fitting, but are shaped differently at the top to accommodate different lamp fixtures and uses.
R63 LED Bulb


The R63 is a reflector bulb designed with a protruding bulb-cap to accommodate different lighting fixtures, but features a standard E27 Edison base fitting.
PAR38 LED Bulb


The PAR38 is a bulb that kicks-out a lot of lumens (brightness). It comes with a screw fitting and is often used for workshops, security and commercial lighting.

LED Smart Bulbs

LED Smart Bulb LED lighting is ever-evolving and getting smarter too. Now you can fit your home with 'Smart Bulbs', which are incredibly convenient and versatile, and allow you to remotely manage your lighting through voice-control or from a mobile device. The Philips Hue Smart Bulb system allows you to control up to 50 bulbs from your mobile device or through a voice-command system such as Amazon Echo. Through the Philips Hue app, you can: • Switch bulbs off and on remotely and from anywhere in the world • Choose from 16 millions shades of white light to really set the mood across multiple rooms in your home • Dim the lights to create the perfect ambience • Control up to 50 bulbs from a single area • Set-up motion sensor technology to save even more money on your energy bills