What is Hygge Lighting?

7 November 2016

What is Hygge Lighting?
What is Hygge Lighting?
Hygge - pronounced hue-guh- is the Danish way of life that’s got everyone talking. The concept is all about embracing cosiness; staying in, snuggling up and making the most of time with family and friends. A crucial part of creating a Hygge feel in your home is getting your lighting right. Lighting can really affect the overall mood of a space, and done right it can create a real feeling of warmth; ideal for all that time you'll be spending wrapped-up in a blanket enjoying the simple things in life.

LED candles for Hygge lighting

Denmark reportedly sells more candles every year than any other country in the world, so it’s no surprise that incorporating candles into the home is an important part of embracing a Hygge lifestyle. Hygge-lighting-LED-candles Our range of real-wax LED candles are a fantastic option for bringing a Hygge feel to every room in the house. The candles are LED powered so they’ll last longer and are a lot safer than traditional candles. Dot them around your home to create a warm, cosy glow; it’s all about recreating that homely open-fire feeling.

LED fairy lights

LED fairy lights are also a simple way to create a calming ambience. Having additional lights in your home will mean you can alter your lighting to create a different atmosphere in the evenings depending on your mood. Installing dimmer switches in your home are also a useful tool; you’ll be able to lower the lights depending on your mood and allow your fairy lights or candles to really come into their own.
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LED filament bulbs

Another way to make lighting a focal point in your home and create a warm Hygge glow is to choose on-trend LED filament bulbs. The decorative filaments make the bulbs a fantastic focal point in any room; try them without lampshades to really embrace Scandinavian-chic. Filament-lifestyle 2