Your guide to E14 LED bulbs

26 March 2015

Your guide to E14 LED bulbs
Your guide to E14 LED bulbs

Our handy guide to E14 bulbs will give you everything you need to know to make switching over to energy-saving lighting easier than ever.

What is an E14 LED bulb?

E14 bulbs are the ones with a screw base. Don’t get them confused with E27 bulbs, which have a screw base too, but are wider for larger fittings - you can see an example below.


There is absolutely no difference in the shape, size and fit between E14 LED and E14 halogen bulbs, so you can just screw in your new LEDs and start saving straight away.

What wattage do I need?

LED bulb’s brightness is measured in lumens. For example, a bulb with 300-350 lumens is comparable to 40w halogen/incandescent bulb. Using lumens as a measurement is the most accurate way of determining the brightness of a bulb. This is because brightness is affected by other factors, such as light colour and beam angle - narrower beam angles produce a more concentrated (and in turn brighter) light. At LEDHut, we specify the rough wattage-lumen equivalents to help you make an informed decision when you purchase.

What colour of light is best for me?

One of the big benefits of LED bulbs is that you have a number of different light colours to choose from, ensuring you have control over the ambience. LED colours are measured in Kelvins. The lower the Kelvin rating the warmer the glow, the higher the Kelvin rating, the whiter the light. You can buy E14 bulbs in 3 different colours:
  • Warm White
  • Cool White
  • Daylight

You can learn more about colour options here, and see which colour will look best in your home.

Will I need an electrician to fit these bulbs?

Installing LED E14 bulbs is exactly the same as standard E14 bulbs - you just screw them into the fitting.

What beam angle do I need?

Beam angle is measured in degrees. A wider beam angle covers more space with light. Your choice of beam angle, like colour variant, is completely down to you. As a guide, we’d advise using wider beam angles in living spaces where many people are gathered round. Narrow beam angles, on the other hand, are often used for decorative purposes or areas where you need focus.

How much will an E14 cost me?

At LED Hut, we always strive to find a balance between good quality and affordable prices. Our E14 bulbs are designed to give you 25,000 hours of use and priced between approximately £3 to £5. This may, on the face of it, look like a lot more than the halogen/incandescent bulbs you’re used to buying. But the amount you save on your energy bills far outweighs the up-front cost. In fact, you can expect payback on your small investment in just six months. You can shop our E14 LED range here.