E27 LED Bulbs (ES)

Browse our versatile range of stylish E27 LED bulbs for low wattage lighting solutions, ideal for illuminating domestic and commercial settings with tasteful bulb shapes including candle, golf ball, and standard GLS style bulbs. When you’re ready to take your lighting options to the next level of efficiency, with an increased lifespan that uses less energy, our E27 light bulb range is here to help.
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E27 light bulb - what does E27 mean?

The part of a light bulb that connects to the light fitting is sometimes known as the base of the bulb, but is more commonly known as the bulb cap. Different bulbs come with a variety of different cap types, denoted by one or more letters - including bayonet (B), for example. In the case of E27 LED bulbs, the E stands for ‘Edison screw’ and the number denotes the diameter of the light fitting in millimetres. If your light fittings are designed to accommodate screw-in type bulbs, you must choose ‘E’ style light bulbs to match with those fittings (sometimes also called ‘ES’ for Edison screw). Be sure to pay attention to the diameter of the fitting when choosing the bulb size.

Why choose E27 LED bulbs?

When your available light fittings demand E27 light bulbs, be sure to choose E27 LED light bulbs. Why? Because our superb range allows you to choose between bulbs at the lower end of the Kelvin scale (e.g. 2000K E27 LED bulbs), which deliver a warmer glow, and more clinical lighting solutions towards the mid and high end of the Kelvin colour temperature scale (e.g. 6500K E27 LED bulbs).