LED Filament Bulbs

Browse our attractive range of eye-catching LED filament bulbs. Harness the aesthetic of traditional visible filaments with up to 90% less energy consumption. Save money on running costs while accenting the look and appeal of your home interiors.

Our selection of filament light bulbs offers dimmable options from a choice of leading brands. Check out our Energizer, Lumilife, and Nordlux options for unbeatable style and energy-efficient inspiration.


LUMiLiFe 4W E27 Flame Tip Filament - 380lm - 6500K

  • 112mmx35mmx35mm
  • 15000 Hours Life Expectancy
  • 320 Degree Beam Angle
  • 6500K (Daylight)
  • Candle Style
  • Non Dimmable
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What are LED Filament Bulbs?

Our stunning range of LED filament bulbs reintroduces the iconic ‘visible filament’ bulb, all powered by money-saving low-energy LED technology. LED lights are arranged in strips to mirror the original aesthetic of early filament bulbs. Choose between light bulb shapes to blend seamlessly with your home decor, including golfball shape, candle shape, and standard GLS bulbs

Modern LED filament light bulbs come in a variety of colour temperature options, meaning you can combine the decorative traditional look of a filament bulb with low-power energy savings without compromising on your choice of light intensity. Select between colour temperature options including cool white, daylight, warm white, and extra warm white.

Why Choose LED Filament Bulbs?

Our LED filament bulbs come in a wide variety of low power consumption options, ranging from 2 W to 12 W. That means you can retrofit your existing 25 W - 100 W Halogen home lighting solutions with the traditional look and feel of a filament bulb design while saving money and energy. Upgrade your home lighting to achieve the look you want today, and benefit from superb high-performance economical LED technology.