LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs use less energy and save more money compared to halogen, incandescent, and CFL bulbs. The low wattage and environmentally friendly design ensures years of cost-saving illumination - upgrade your home or commercial lighting to efficient LED bulbs today and benefit from a longer lifespan of 20+ years (based on standard daily usage). Remember, LED technology does not emit harmful UV light, meaning LED light bulbs are safe to use near to your décor.

We offer a wide range of LED light bulbs to help you to bring your interior design ideas to life in all areas of your home. From standard shape cool and warm lights, to frosted flame tipped filament bulbs and clear golf ball shape bulbs, we have everything you need. Be sure to check out our dimmable LED light bulbs for ambient lighting ideas at great prices.

Wondering how many lumens to get? Read our guide about lumens.

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Key Features
  • Compatible With Amazon Alexa IFTTT Philips Hue and Google Home
  • Dimmable Via. App
  • H55mm x W50mm x D50mm
  • Hive (iOS/Android) App
  • Hive Central Hub Required (Not Included)
  • White (Warm/Day/Cool White)
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