LED Standard Light Bulbs (GLS)

Explore our wide range of energy-saving LED standard light bulbs (GLS). Combine the iconic GLS light bulb shape with low-wattage money-saving LED technology to deliver outstanding results. Retrofit your existing home lighting solutions with equivalent brightness GLS bulb units for a fraction of the total cost of ownership - replace your 100W, 75W, 70W, 60W, 40W, and 30W bulbs today.

Our stunning GLS bulb range comes fitted with a choice of bulb caps suitable for most domestic and commercial environments, including E27 and B22 bulb caps.

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Key Features
  • Beam Angle - 240º
  • Energy Rating A+
  • H110mm x W60mm x D60mm
  • Non Dimmable
  • Replaces 40W Halogen Bulb
  • Up To 15000 Hours Life Expectancy
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What is a GLS Bulb?

Now obsolete filaments used to be housed in the classic pear-shaped bulb. These incandescent filaments are no longer used, but GLS light bulb units continue the tradition of the iconic pear-shaped bulb and visible filaments for reasons of styl and personal taste.

GLS stands for General Lamp/Lighting Service, as this style of bulb offers true multi-purpose options throughout all home and domestic applications. They also come in a variety of bulb caps to suit common fittings.

Why Choose a GLS Light Bulb?

The GLS bulb offers diverse lighting solutions in a broad range of domestic and commercial applications. That’s why this style of bulb is considered an all-rounder, ideal for activity areas like kitchens, garages, and hallways, as well as being suitable for comfortable settings like bedrooms and conservatories.

Choose between a wide choice of colour temperatures, ranging from cool white to extra warm white. GLS standard light bulbs can help you to light your home your way.