MR16 LED Bulbs

Shop our MR16 bulb range today for instant savings on running costs. Benefit from low-energy Halogen equivalents for your home and business downlighting needs, and get long-life performance from our 25,000-hour (15 years) options.

When you need spotlight intensity with 90% savings, our MR16 LED bulb range provides the ideal solution. Choose between cool white and daylight bulbs for more clinical lighting, and select warm white bulbs for softer applications.

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Key Features
  • Energy Rating A+
  • H45mm x W50mm x D50mm
  • Narrow Beam Angle - 36º
  • Non Dimmable
  • Replaces 35W Halogen Spotlight
  • Up To 15000 Hours Life Expectancy
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What is an MR16 Bulb?

The MR16 bulb design is intended for use with a 12V power supply. That means these downlights must connect to a transformer before connecting to mains power (240V). But what does MR16 mean?

  • “MR” stands for ‘multifaceted reflector’, which indicates the bulb is seated within a cone-like housing formatted to produce precise light intensities at exact beam angles.
  • “16” indicates that the MR16 LED unit is 2 inches in diameter. The diameter of the unit (at its widest points) is taken in ⅛ inches, meaning 16 x ⅛ inch = 2 inches.

In terms of practical applications, the MR16’s well-controlled intense beam makes these units the ideal choice for activity downlighting around the home and display purposes in retail or commercial settings.

Why Choose an MR16 LED Bulb?

MR16 LED bulb units are the perfect energy-saving spotlight alternative to 35 W and 45 W Halogens, with 4.5 W, 4.8 W, and 6.5 W options available. Browse 36-degree beam downlights and discover how our MR16 bulb range can help you to make significant savings across your home and commercial areas.