Smart LED Light Bulbs

Check out a wide range of low-wattage Smart Light Bulbs. Retrofit your Halogen bulbs with energy-efficient Smart LED Bulb units - get the equivalent performance in brightness and save money on your energy bill.

Control and choose between your Smart LED Bulb settings using Amazon Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. It’s that simple to enjoy home lighting the way you want it at a fraction of the running costs of Halogen bulbs. Get started now with options from leading brands, including Energizer.

Looking to add even more customisable lighting to your home? Why not check out our Smart LED Strip Lighting!

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What are Smart Light Bulbs?

Smart LED bulb units provide you with the next step in home automation. These wifi ready bulbs allow you to schedule customised lighting remotely. That means you can enjoy increased security when you are not home and a wider range of lighting settings when moving around your interiors.

Smart Light Bulbs also offer set and forget options such as gradual night fade and auto turn off presets. Upgrade and never waste energy or pay for any light you aren’t using.

Why Choose Smart Light Bulbs?

Smart bulbs join the ever-growing list of home items connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). The increased level of connectivity between your home devices means you can benefit from energy savings and a significantly lower total cost of ownership. Shop our variety of Smart Light Bulbs now to discover how you could upgrade your home lighting solutions with minimised long-term maintenance costs.