10 Awesome BBQ Recipes: Enjoy National BBQ Week with These Fantastic BBQ Recipes

25 May 2017

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bbq image
This Bank Holiday weekend coincides with the start of National BBQ Week on 29 May. In light of that, and the forecasted heatwave, we thought we’d put together some of our favourite BBQ recipes from around the web to inspire you to get involved.

Black & blushing Worcestershire fillet

Found at: jamieoliver.com We had to start with steak, and this offering from Jamie Oliver looks delicious! Get the recipe and instructions from the link above, and heed the advice to err on the side of under-cooked when you barbeque it. bbq brisket

Texas barbecue brisket

Found at: bbcgoodfood.com We couldn’t make this list without at least one Texas-inspired brisket recipe.

Cherry Cola pork ribs

Found at: porkbeinspired.com Using Coke Cola to marinade pork and gammon joints isn’t as novel as it used to be, but this recipe caught our eye for the unusual combination of Cherry Coke and BBQ sauce. Besides, any recipe with two types of chili in it is worth a look!

Barbeque corn

Found at: telegraph.co.uk/foodanddrink/ Simple, quick and tasty – just add butter and BBQ sauce. bbq corn

Chicken on the barbecue (with grilling sauce recipe)

Found at: foodnetwork.co.uk This find is all about the grilling sauce recipe. Quick, easy and tasty.

Cheesy portobello burgers

Found at: delish.com Not everyone likes meat, but even meat lovers will get on board with this recipe.

3-Ingredient grilled ranch potatoes

Found at: lecremedelacrumb.com BBQ’d potatoes are always a winner. Make them interesting with this quick recipe that requires just three ingredients.

Lamb kofta kebabs

Found at: allrecipes.co.uk We needed a lamb recipe and a kebab for the list, so here’s a lamb kebab you might want to try.

Burgers – with meat and without

We’ll finish the list with the staple of any decent barbeque – the burger. Here’s one with meat and one without. Why not try them both? Happy grilling! bbq burger

Melt-in-the-middle mozzarella beef burgers

Found at: deliciousmagazine.co.uk

Really awesome black bean burgers recipe

Found at: seriouseats.com

Light up your BBQ

If you want your BBQ to run into the night why not check out our great range of garden lights to create the perfect atmosphere. bbq in the evening with lights