A halogen and an LED did the MiHome test. See how they got on...

9 September 2015

A halogen and an LED did the MiHome test. See how they got on...
A halogen and an LED did the MiHome test. See how they got on...
Bold claims are all good and well, but at the end of the day it’s actions that speak louder than words. At LED Hut, we constantly laud the brilliance of our lighting. Not least how energy-saving and cost effective they are. We decided to show their true energy-saving potential by using a MiHome Adapter Plus to measure how much electricity a halogen bulb uses compared to an LED bulb. A MiHome Adapter Plus measures the energy output of the device that’s plugged into it and feeds this data back to the downloadable app, which also allows you to control devices from anywhere in the world.
MIHO027 MiHome Adapter and Gateway set
The simple experiment consisted of leaving a lamp plugged into a MiHome adapter: one week with a halogen bulb in, the next week with an LED equivalent. We selected 2 bulbs that had a lumen output of 906. Lumens measure brightness, so the same lumen output = the same brightness, regardless of the wattage. Have a look at what we found below: Daily use
Daily use - LED LED
Daily use - halogen HALOGEN
This image shows the daily use of each bulb. As you can see, the LED bulb used a meagre 9 watts compared to 46 watts from the halogen. Monthly cost
Costs monthly - LED LED
Cost monthly - Halogen HALOGEN
Next we looked at how much each bulb would be projected to cost over the month. While the LED racked up only 7p, the halogen worked out at 87p. Over the year, the LED would save you £9.60, which is a 91% saving - and that’s from a single bulb. Total use
Now one stat for the technically astute out there. This shows the running total of energy use in kWh over the month. While the halogen soaked up 7.91kWh of energy, the LED only used 0.963kWh. So as you can see, the results are pretty conclusive. If you’re impressed by the savings you can make from switching to LED, pop over to our site here. Or if you want to know more about MiHome, you can discover more on our dedicated MiHome info page.