5 of the best vintage pendant lamps

17 September 2015

5 of the best vintage pendant lamps
5 of the best vintage pendant lamps
We love the look of our vintage bulbs here at LED Hut. The glowing filament that sits exposed inside the shapely glass shell evokes images of the early 20th century, and this rustic look is as popular as ever, as industrial decor has seen an inescapable resurgence in recent years. The question is, what’s the best way to get the most out of these vintage bulbs? We’ve scoured the ‘net and found five of our favourite pendant lamps that expose the beauty of the bulb without leaving it looking bare. From creative exuberance to minimalist subtly, there is plenty of choice in our list...

Copper Pendant Lamp

Time and time again the Scandinavians lead the way in designand this striking example is no different. Danish designers Bloomingville, who specialise in home accessories and furniture, have created a unique centrepiece that will go perfectly with one of our globe-shaped bulbs. Copper_Lamp_Bloomingville

Glass and Brass Pendant Lamp

Rowen and Wren juxtapose the ruggedness of brass with the elegance of glass to great effect here. An ideal accompaniment to our teardrop shape LED filament bulb. normal_flori-glass-pendant

Hanging Antique Pendant

Simplicity is king with this minimalist industrial-style lamp fromCalex. It can be used as a solitary centrepiece or as part of a set. An LED globe-shaped filament would complement this perfectly.
J Lewis J Lewis 2

Diner Box Ceiling Lamp

Mix a lampshade with a plant box and you get this stylish and carefully crafted number fromDavey Lighting. Ideal for hanging over dining and social areas, our candle shaped filaments are the perfect accompaniment to this unique pendant shade. Davey lighting

Square Indoor Pendant

Finally we have another individual piece from Davey Lighting. The square box that hosts the bulb is made from weathered brass and features an open top and base, working both as a practical light and a work of art. Complete the masterpiece with one of our globe or standard-shape filament bulbs. Davey Lighting 2