Could LEDs win the World Cup?

25 September 2015

Could LEDs win the World Cup?
Could LEDs win the World Cup?
As the Rugby World Cup is now very much up and running, we’ve decided to get in the sporting spirit, so we’ve put some of our favourite LEDs to the test. With the help of Britain’s leading sports analysts (ok, maybe we’re pushing it a bit now) we’ve taken the best stats from each LED to see which sport they’d suit. See how they got on below.
Our 11.6W Standard B22 would be best suited to the rough and tumble of rugby. It's power, speed and size would make it perfect for this fast, high impact sport.

The Gu10 spotlight would have to be football. While football is the most popular sport in the world, GU10 is the most popularLED Bulb 4 Watt GU10 to Real Madrid anyone?
The 150w Highbay would definitely be a Power Lifter. With 15150 lumens, it packs plenty of power and would easily deadlift with the strongest out there.
Waterproof Strip Lights would make great Synchronised Swimmers. Strip lighting is elegant and the waterproof option allows you to add style in wet areas. strip-thumb2
You can picture Filament Bulbs having a bash at Bowls. These vintage lights would be ideal at playing this traditional game, with their classic look and timeless style.
G4 spot bulbs would be ideal for Horse Racing.As our smallest LED spot, the G4 would make perfect Jockeys. Their small stature make them lightweight for delicate fittings....and horse riding, of course.
We had to...This is the most obvious of all, but we couldn't leave out our LED light-up Golf Balls. No prizes for guessing which sport this is best suited to.
Cricket in the sun? BBQs deep into the summer night? It has to be the Solar Chinese Lanterns to take the bat and wicket. Their bright colour and solar panels make them perfect for enjoying the summer months outside.
Our multi-powered camping lantern would make a world-class Decathlete. With multiple functions and 4 power/charge options, this is our most versatile LED light.
Now you can see that LED lights would dominate the world of sportdue to their extensiveattributes; giving them strength, speed, longevity and versatility. LEDs blow other lighting out of the water and would of course win the World Cup. To start your journeyto winning make the switch to LEDs here >