LED-Man's Big Questions 24/09/15

24 September 2015

LED-Man's Big Questions 24/09/15
LED-Man's Big Questions 24/09/15
Is it a bird or is it a plane? No it's LED-Man here to answer all your big questions from the week. Q. Why is light being cut off in my GU10 fitting in my bathroom? A. The reason why you are experiencing this problem is because you are using the 4 watt GU10 bulb with the wide beam angle (120degree). Your bathroom fittings has extra glass making it water proof allowing it to be used in a bathroom meaning the bulb is slightly more set back into the fitting. To stop the light which is given out being cut off by the fittings surrounding the bulb you should use a bulb with a narrow beam angle (45 degree) such as the 3 watt GU10 bulb shown in the following links:
3w GU10 Spotlight
6w GU10 LED Narrow Beam
Q What 12v bulbs can I use with a battery A. The 12v MR16 bulbs can be used with AC or DC and they require a constant voltage of 12v. If you wish to use the 12v bulbs with your battery which can vary you will need to purchase a 12v voltage regulator. Q.My transformer is not compatible what should I do? A.Please remember that your existing transformers may not be LED compatible. If you use transformers which are not LED compatible you may notice the bulbs flickering or buzzing, in some more extreme cases they may blow the bulbs. If this is the case you will need to replace the transformers with LED drivers. The full range of LED drivers which we supplyyou can see here > Q.How Do I find the LED replacement for my old halogen Floodlight?? A. Like with our bulbs we have varied wattage and lumen models of floodlights. See below how to compare our LED Floodlights against old halogen models. 10 Watt LED Floodlight (80 Watt Replacement) 20 Watt LED Floodlight (100 Watt Replacement) 30 Watt LED Floodlight (150 Watt Replacement) 40 Watt LED Floodlight (200 Watt Replacement) 50 Watt LED Floodlight (250 Watt Replacement) 60 Watt LED Floodlight (300 Watt Replacement) 80 Watt LED Floodlight (400 Watt Replacement) See our full range of LED Floodlights here > Q. What requirements Dimmer switches A. Our dimmer switches from Varilight have the following requirements: The Maximum load per Gang is 100 Watts OR 10 LEDS The Minimum load per Gang should not be less than 10 Watts OR 2 LEDS
Varilight LED Dimmer Switch
2 Way Brushed Metal Dimmer Switch