GET CREATIVE - Fairy Lights Part 1

24 March 2015

GET CREATIVE - Fairy Lights Part 1
GET CREATIVE - Fairy Lights Part 1
When you hear the term 'fairy lights', you'll probably conjure up images of Christmas and festive frivolity - but they're not just resigned to the winter seasons, as they have many uses both for practical and decorative affect. Fairy lights now come in many different designs, so the lights themselves are pleasing to look at even when they're not switched on. Waterproof models even allow you to replicate this outdoors. These lights can harbour your individualism and turn otherwise innocuous features into unique centerpieces. Wrapping lights around branches allow you to highlight and use the plant as a lighting focal piece. This could be used on real or faux plants. As our lights are weather proof the same can be applied to plants outdoors. IMG_6112
IMG_6122 BayTree_FairyLights_0003_
Light up your banisters with our fairy lightswhether they’re metal or wood. Stairs are hard and expensive to fit lighting around so using plug in lights are a quick and easy way to instantly change their look. Stairways are normally a forgotten part of the house as they may not be class as a ‘room’, so this is a different way to add mood lighting where you might not have thought of. IMG_6077
IMG_6082 IMG_6081
Wrapping lights around ornaments can completely change their look and feel. This example clearly has a valentines look, buta warm white light will create a completely different atmosphere. Other easy lighting transformations could involve wrapping lights round a vase or statuette. Pink-Heart-Fairy-lights Many people already display branches in their home for decoration. This gives a rustic feel to inside space. The majority of the time these twigs are placed inside vases and around the room, possibly next to the fireplace. These existing features can be transformed into light features with the simple addition of fairy lights. There is also the option of buying Twig lights with lights already incorporated as a set.
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