The Definitive Guide to LED Christmas Lights (There May be More Possibilities Than You Think!)

30 November 2017

LED christmas lights
LED christmas lights
There's much to love about the festive period: mulled wine, presents, feasting until you pop. It's also a great excuse to light-up your entire home with an eclectic mix of dazzling colours in the form of Christmas lights and decorations. Christmas lights aren't just for the tree either. There are lots of different types and styles that give you license to place them pretty much anywhere. Here we'll give you a few hints and tips for creating the most festive Christmas lighting makeover around. LED Christmas Lights

Choosing the ideal LED Christmas lights

There are a few things to consider when creating the ideal Christmas lighting plan, and the first detail to be clear about is what the lights will be used for, i.e. …
Will they be used as Christmas tree lights? Will they be used around or over a window? Will they be used outdoors? Will they be wound around a certain feature or piece of furniture? Will they need to work with or complement an existing Christmas decoration, such as a nativity scene?
When you know what the lights are to be used for, you can consider the wire length, colour, special effects and style…

Get the right length

LED Christmas lights are available in a wide variety of lengths, from shorter, ornate pieces that are ideal for draping over furniture, to longer lengths that are perfect for bannisters, Christmas trees and even outdoors.

Choose your colour

coloured led christmas lights LED Christmas lights are able to emit different shades of white light to create different atmospheres; from subtle and welcoming tones, to more vibrant and party-starting colours. The main colour tones available are: warm white, cool white and multi-coloured.

Add some dazzling effects

If you really want to get the party started this festive season, then keep a look-out for 'multifunctional' Christmas lights. These lights come with a remote that lets you switch between different effects, including flashing, twinkle, waves, combinations and static.

Choose your style

There's a lot of different styles of Christmas lights out there for different purposes. Here are the mains ones to look out for:

LED fairy lights

LED fairy lights – also known as LED string lights – are commonly used for Christmas trees, but can also be used on banisters and around windows frames. They're available in a variety of lengths, ranging from 1.5m to a whopping 30m. You also have multiple colour options to choose from, including multicolour for when you want to add a little extra sparkle to your home.

LED curtain lights

LED curtain lights LED curtain lights are perfect for lighting-up large areas, such as walls, garage doors, fences and even ceilings. They consist of several rows of lights and are often used outside – just make sure you get waterproof-rated bulbs if you're to do this too. Because of their versatility, you can use these lights all year-round – after all, who says you can only get festive around Christmas?!

LED candle lights

Everybody loves a candle and they're not just for Christmas either. You can use them all year-round, whether you're having a romantic night in, or creating a relaxing ambience after a gruelling day at work. LED candle lights go that little bit further too. For one, they don't melt and are battery powered, which means you can use them for years to come. If you're worried about them looking false or manufactured, you needn't – many are now made of real wax and are also available in a range of authentic designs, such as dripping wax. Newer models also come with blow-out features that simulate traditional wax candles. Go extra fancy and get a complete set with remote control, which will let you adjust the brightness and set the flame to flicker. LED Candle

LED Smart lights

What if you could just turn your existing lighting setup into a beaming beacon of festive joy as soon as December arrives? No hassle, no nonsense – just the tap of a button. That's exactly what LED smart lighting allows you to do. Philips have introduced the latest in lighting innovation – a must have for tech enthusiasts everywhere. The Philips Hue Lighting System allows you to control up to 50 bulbs from your mobile or tablet device. That's not the best bit either. From the intuitive mobile app you can switch between 16 million colours to coordinate with your other Christmas decorations, and choose from a range of funky effects. You can even sync your lighting to dim, flash and twinkle with your music system, which is just what you need when the Christmas party of the year is underway...

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