Six Reasons to Choose LED Christmas Lights this Year

1 December 2017

LED Christmas Lights
LED Christmas Lights
LED Christmas lights are a little bit more expensive than traditional Christmas lights, but there are many good reasons for this. Here are six reasons why you should make the savvy switch to LED this Christmas:

#1 - LED lights save you money

LED lights consume a lot less energy but emit the same amount of light, so you’ll be paying less on your electricity bills. They also last a lot longer (up to 15 times longer in fact) so you'll need to replace them much less frequently.

#2 - LEDs are Eco-friendly

Because LED lights consume less energy, they have less impact on the environment. They also last a lot longer than traditional lighting, so there's less waste of raw materials.

#3 - LEDs are cooler to touch

LED Christmas lights emit little heat, because most of the energy is turned into light, which makes them safer to touch (deliberately or accidentally!).

#4 - Choice of colours

LED lights are available in a variety of colour tones, from warm white to cool white to multi-coloured – so you can take your Christmas parties to the next level.

#5 - LEDs last for years

Traditional lighting has the capacity to burst and blow, leaving your Christmas tree looking a bit dull. LED lighting is made to last a lot longer, so you can enjoy vibrant festive lighting for years to come.

#6 - Smart options

The most recent innovation in LED technology is 'smart lighting'. Smart lighting allows you to change the colour of your lights within a huge range of over 16 million colours. You can also pre-programme light scenes for particular moods, synchronise your lights with what you're watching on TV (or anything else in the room for that matter), set them to come on at particular times of day or when certain conditions are met (such as arriving home from work); and you can do all of this from an app within your smartphone. If you're ready to make the switch to LED Christmas lights you can view our full range here.