DIY Home Renovations Made Easy: Your Essential Checklist

11 February 2019

DIY Checklist
DIY Checklist

Deciding to take on the challenge of carrying out home renovations yourself can be an incredibly rewarding and cost-saving solution for updating your property.

However, the key to pulling off a seamless home makeover is all in the planning and preparation - and we’re here to show you how.

In today’s post, we’re on hand to share our insights on successfully navigating your way through a smooth-running DIY project with an essentials checklist.

Read on as we tell you everything you need to know to get the job done right from start to finish. From budgets and design plans to essential tools and finishing touches, we’ve got you covered.

Calculate your budget

Regardless of the size of your DIY do-over, the first thing to do is set yourself a realistic budget for completing the project. This isn’t just a vague outline of what you have to spend or an estimated pricing, but a detailed breakdown of each stage and how much it will cost.

From building materials and tools to delivery costs and finishing touches, without accurate calculations project costs can easily get out of control - with the end result costing you far more than you anticipated.

Research prices of materials, deliveries and any specialist equipment you may need ahead of time, shopping around to find the best possible prices. This will ensure you have precise costings to manage your budget more effectively.

It also pays to create a buffer within your budget that can soak up any unexpected outlays that could potentially arise during your renovation.

Create a plan of action

This may sound like an obvious point, but all too often DIY novices fall foul of poor project planning.

Whether you’re simply giving your lounge a new lick of paint or installing a whole new bathroom, be sure to figure out any necessary pre-renovation prep beforehand with a clear outline of project goals that should be prioritised accordingly.

This could be anything from clearing the room to prepping walls ahead of laying new tiles.

Setting yourself mini project goals will not only improve your work ethic and make you more organised and logical, but also it should make the workload more manageable during the whole process as you can easily evaluate the progress made.

Get the right tools

Even the most basic of DIY jobs will require some tools, but if you’re embarking on something a little more challenging, think ahead to which tools you’ll need to get the job done quickly and effectively.

A little online research into the type of job you’re doing will alert you to any specialist tools and equipment you may need to buy or hire. Giving the contents of your tool box a little TLC and organisation won’t hurt either, giving you peace of mind that you have everything on hand and won’t experience needless delays and stress searching for the right piece of kit in the midst of your project.

Dress for the occasion

As part of your pre-update prep you should also consider dressing both yourself and the area for the event appropriately - after all, DIY can be a messy business!

Dressing yourself in some sturdy workwear like durable jeans or overalls and some hard-wearing boots will ensure you’re well-protected when working; while dust sheets, tarpaulins and packing boxes will provide essential coverage for immovable items, valuables, floors and more.

Factor in finishing touches

It’s easy to allow yourself to get bogged down in the gruelling stages of a DIY home update and lose sight of the end goal, but to help you stay motivated and focused factor in your finishing touches right from the off.

Whether you’re renovating your garden, bathroom or bedroom, continually visualising the space at the end of the project will ensure your finished design doesn’t disappoint.

From the beginning of your renovation, start getting excited about the finishing touches that will truly bring the space to life.

From choosing stunning LED light fittings and high-tech features, to colour schemes and soft furnishings, all these decorative elements play a crucial role in delivering a functional and fashionable space for you to enjoy - not least because you created it with your own hands.

DIY Decorating

Whatever home DIY adventure you decide to take on, keep these essential considerations in mind and you’re sure to have a smooth-running home update from beginning to end. Combine these with the right blend of creativity, hard work and determination and we’re confident you’ll pull off a successful renovation with ease.