Four Design Hacks for an Office That Embodies Eco-Friendly Brand Values

29 January 2019

Upcycled desk
Upcycled desk

Eco-friendliness doesn’t just stop at your home life - there are a lot of things that you can do to help the environment in the realm of office design. In this post, courtesy of the experts at Kendon Packaging, we’ll seek to explain exactly what you can do to achieve a green office in harmony with the environment.

Opt for upcycled furniture

While the temptation might be there to wow your clients with brand new furniture fresh from a bespoke collection, this isn’t as sustainable as opting for upcycled and re-used furniture. Having a table made of reclaimed wood, such as the one in the image above, will communicate all the right things to clients and customers - it’ll show that you’re eco-conscious as a business and make a more subliminal point that you approach things in an innovative way. Thrift shop deals and upcycled statement pieces can also add up to a significant saving when kitting out an office - money you can re-invest in other areas of your business.

Revolutionise your lighting

A frequent source of ire amongst environmental campaigners is the amount of energy expended by office buildings having their lights left on all night. While it makes for a pretty skyline, it’s wasted energy if the cleaners aren’t in and nobody’s working the night shift. Switching to LEDs is the eco-friendly option, and there are several options out there. There’s a wide range of LED ceiling lights right here at LED Hut, with recessed and surface mounted options both available. These lights will slash energy bills for any business, and especially 24/7 offices, helping the environment in the process.

Maintain the temperature with style

A large amount of energy is wasted each time an office turns the heating on as large-scale heating and cooling systems tend to be inefficient. Among the strategies you can employ to reduce the need to turn on the heating or the air conditioning include harnessing and blocking out natural light where it suits. Investing in some high-quality blinds to pair with energy-efficient windows will keep things toasty in the winter months, while maintaining summertime ventilation. There’s a range of exciting startups in this field, such as SolarGaps, that combines solar panels with exterior blinds to generate energy for the property in a carbon-neutral manner.

Decorate naturally

Everyone likes to see a little greenery, and your office should invest in a little plant life wherever possible. If you own your own building and your budget stretches quite far, you could opt for a grass roof that’ll help insulate in winter and provide a useful habitat for pollinators in the summer.

Your foyer area should also be brimming with plant life, to reflect eco-friendly brand values in a very obvious way, which will then be complemented by efficient LED lighting and upcycled furniture. These elements will combine to create an office in harmony with the environment that’ll communicate an eco-friendly ethos with aplomb.

Green foyer area