Five Benefits of Security LED lights

2 December 2016

Five Benefits of Security LED lights
Five Benefits of Security LED lights
There are a number of benefits to buying Security LED lights to power your home and garden, including guaranteed savings on your electricity, easy installation and being incredibly long lasting.As the winter nights grow increasingly darker, LED lights can also be a fantastic asset to step up the security outside your home. Last year the Metropolitan Police revealed that there is typically a 25 per cent rise in residential burglary offences during autumn and winter; all the more reason to invest in some security lighting at this time of year. We’ve come up with five key reasons why you should invest in Security LED lights this winter:
  1. Energy Saving
Security LED lights use 90% less energy than halogen floodlights, with no compromise on performance. There’s also a variety of styles, and different colours so your security lights can match your outdoor style too. This 50w slimline LED flood light is effortlessly sleek and comes in a range of colour castings for you to choose from.
  1. Motion sensors
Most of our Security LED lights or outdoor lighting come with the added benefit of having motion sensors, which can pick up movement from up to 10 metres away and will automatically turn off once movement is no longer detected for more than 30 seconds. It’s the perfect security option, alarming those who enter your property with a bright security light in an instant. It can also be convenient for you only turning on when you need light. Security-LED-lights-PIR-sensor Our Mr Beams rangealso give youthe option to install wireless Security LED lights, operated only by batteries. This wireless LED spotlight, retailing at £19.99 can be secured onto any surface in minutes without the need to be wired in. Simply attach it to your wall, drainpipe, fence, shed or many more handy locations. Security-LED-lights-mr-beams
  1. Portable and easy to install
As well as the option of being wireless, there are lots of choices for portable floodlighting in a range of sizes and colours. As soon as the nights draw in you can populate your garden or outdoor area with portable floodlights to deter any unwanted visitors! This 10W portable LED flood light lasts up to four hours on a single charge, and has the advantage of being waterproof to survive the unpredictable British weather! This are an ideal temporary solution and ideal to take where ever you may need light. Three no installation Flood light examples
  1. Sleek design
Floodlights don’t just have to just be practical; the Italian sleek design of our Fumagalli outdoor lighting range allows you to choose security lighting for your home that is stylish too. As well as being beautifully designed, the product range has a selection of benefits including anti-corrosion, no maintenance, UV-ray resistant and being protected against fertilisers and agents. The Fumagalli wall floodlight retails at a modest £31.99, meaning you can protect your home on a budget too. Security-LED-lights-Fumagalli
  1. Easy to hide
If you don’t want to pick Security LED lights that may draw too much attention, or ruin your outdoor exterior, LED floodlights can be small and easily installed at the side of pathways or even around your garden to light up the way to your front door or driveway. The Mr Beams mini wireless LED path lights are battery powered too, so they can subtly light up wherever you need them without unsightly wiring or being too imposing. Three examples of the Mr Beams Security LED Lights range
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