Why Should I Buy LED lights?

21 December 2016

Why Should I Buy LED lights?
Why Should I Buy LED lights?
Light emitting diodes have been around for a while - since 1962 to be precise - and these days with so many options for using the lights within our homes, there’s really no excuse not to be fully kitted out with LEDs. LED bulbs are the future of lighting but in case you need convincing further here are the main reasons for making the switch, Why should I buyled lights ?… They last longer LED lights are a better investment than traditional lights such as halogen because of how long they last, also increasing light quality. Fluorescent lights degrade over time but LED fittings will maintain their light integrity over their enhanced lifespan. LED lights can last up to 40,000 hours (bulb dependent) which could be over 15 years.LED-Lights-v-Halogen-lights They will save you money Why wouldn’t you want to save money on your energy bill?! LED lights have the capacity to save you hundreds over their enhanced lifespans. Plus, you won’t need to persistently replace bulbs every few months/weeks which is definitely a bonus! See what you could be savings with our LED Savings Calculator here >>Why-Should-I-buy-LED-Lights-calculator They are better for the environment LED lighting uses 90% less energy than traditional alternatives. This leads to a huge reduction in carbon emissions that helps keep our planet greener. When thinking why should I buy LED lights our climate should be considered, LED lights are also 100% recyclable unlike fluorescent fittings which are made of potentially hazardous materials like phosphorus and mercury. LED-lights-environmentally -friendly They won’t over heat Traditional incandescent light bulbs work by running electricity through a filament within a bulb. As the filament heats up it glows and lets out light, and in doing so it can get very very hot. LED light bulbs on the other hand are cool to touch making them a much safer option. And finally there is SO much more choice…. You have an array of fittings of LED lights to choose from including all the common ones such as Gu10, B22 & E27. Also there are other forms such asLED wardrobe lights that can brighten up even the gloomiest of bedrooms to strings of fairy lights that will bring festive sparkle to your home, when it comes to LED’S the choice is endless. See some more options here….

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Hopefully we've answered the question of 'Why should I buy LED lights', through our blog you'll find more details on the great word of LED. If your ready to make the switch to LED lights visit our store here >>