How to master the minimalist luxury look in your bathroom

18 June 2018

Bathroom Featured
Bathroom Featured
Having a bathroom that epitomises a sought-after aesthetic such as minimalist luxury can really revolutionise an entire home’s design. The bathroom is meant to be a space where you can unwind and luxuriate in the bath or during a long shower, and having a stripped-back, minimal style can add to this sense of escape massively. Our guide will help you master this aesthetic theme in bathrooms big or small, with considerations including lighting, colouring and, of course, which bathroom fittings to choose.

Declutter before you begin

Clutter can easily build up in your bathroom. Whether it’s half-finished bottles of various wash products littering your shower floor, or a medicine cabinet that you’ve never cleared out, bathroom clutter is often the last thing you clear out in a whole-house revamp. Have a think about storage solutions that blend in with the rest of the room - such as recessed cupboards behind walls, or a bathroom cabinet with a built-in toothbrush holder. Simple considerations like this can transform the space’s functionality. Once this is done, you’ll have a blank canvas on which to work, leaving you to think about which fittings are best for adding a splash of luxury to your bathroom.

Bathroom fittings

Minimalist luxury means investing in functional fittings such as bathroom taps that have a dash of opulence about them. Take waterfall taps, for example - the water surges out of this type of tap, with the exposed flow of water adding an unusual and exciting element to your bathroom. Limiting design flourishes to items in your bathroom that also serve a functional purpose is the essence of this look, as a bathroom cluttered with decorative items doesn’t place due emphasis on the practical needs of the space. In terms of your shower or bath, make sure you prioritise clean, chrome fittings and glass screens, as these combine to create a pristine bathing environment free from distraction - the true definition of luxury.

Get the lighting right

Making sure your minimalist luxury bathroom is lit properly is something that’s often overlooked in a home overhaul. However, lighting can make all the difference, and swapping costly incandescent bulbs for LED spotlights embedded into the ceiling will help you to create an opulent aesthetic while making the room more eco-friendly in the process. These updates can give your bathroom a grandiose yet stripped-back feel, especially once you’ve stepped out of the shower and the steamy air is illuminated by the bright beams of light.

Consider your colour schemes

Minimalist Bathroom While white and off-white are among the more common shades homeowners choose for minimalist bathrooms, there are alternative colours out there that can amplify the minimalist luxury effect in your bathroom. Take your bathroom tiles as an example. While plain white tiles often do look attractive in a stripped-back bathroom, injecting a bit of colour into the mix can take things to the next level. Scattering sharp primary colours amongst white tiles can give your bathroom a Piet Mondrian inspired look that’s certain to wow your guests and keep the room on-trend for longer. When considering a home revamp, make sure your creativity comes to the forefront and you use any and all inspiration that strikes you. It’s important to remember that minimalism is about living life to the fullest with fewer items and possessions in your home, so make sure that your minimal bathroom overhaul isn’t too over the top, as home comforts are always necessary when it comes to living the good life! Whatever your design theme, never be afraid to let your personality shine through.