Summer Fun: Four ways to make impactful home updates in time for summer

21 June 2018

Summer Fun: Four ways to make impactful home updates in time for summer
Summer Fun: Four ways to make impactful home updates in time for summer
The early summer weather has been quite disarmingly decent so far, serving up plenty of beer garden afternoons and warm evenings over the last few weeks. While long days out are a staple of stunning summer weather, often, all you want to do is relax at home. In this post, courtesy of the summer home experts at OWO Living, we’ll run through some updates you can make to your home to turn it into a summer-ready oasis of relaxation.

Rid yourself of clutter

When warm weather seemingly comes out of nowhere, your house can heat up quickly and feel stuffy. A super-simple solution is to swiftly remove anything wintery, like thick duvets, heavy curtains and fluffy rugs. Put these winter-warmers into storage for the summer and you’ll find that your home is a much nicer place to be. Of course, attaining a comfortable room temperature is especially useful if you intend to spend your summer days indoors watching unmissable World Cup group matches like Mexico vs South Korea and Iran vs Morocco...

Optimise your outdoor space

If you actually intend to step outside this summer, then it might be worth casting an eye over your outdoor space and seeing what you could improve. Upgrading your outdoor furniture to super-comfy rattan garden sets that you can lounge on is a start, but improving the overall vibe of the garden should be something to aim for, and to do this, you need to think about lighting. Long summer evenings can be extended into the night with the addition of some LED garden lights, giving a subtly magical ambience to your garden. In addition, you can easily attain a chilled out summer festival vibe by combining these lights with a strip of overhead fairy lights. In terms of daytime lounging, make sure you strike the balance between shady areas and sun-traps, to satisfy sunbathers and sun-evaders alike.

Make a habit out of barbecuing

You might have already made a few failed attempts at barbecue cuisine this summer - but the only way to avoid seasonal meat-based disappointment is to make a barbecue part of your summer routine. Invest in a decent permanent barbecue and some high-quality outdoor dining furniture and watch your sadly smouldering sausages turn into a sea of sizzling meat fit for a family feast. By the time August Bank Holiday rolls around, you’ll be an expert, and you’ll have the furniture to help you invite half the neighbourhood over for perfectly cooked summertime treats.

Freshen up the kitchen

Barbecuing won’t be feasible every day of the season, so you’ll need to look at ways of freshening up the kitchen for summer. Making sure there’s plenty of air being circulated through the windows so the room keeps cool during cooking is a must, while in terms of aesthetic upgrades, summer is the perfect time to start a kitchen herb garden. After a few weeks of growth, you’ll be able to add fresh mint to your mid-day mojitos, and basil to your light summer salads, all while blessing your kitchen with some lush greenery. We hope these tips have been a big help towards turning your home into a staycation-ready venue, either for lazy summer days in the garden with friends or intense afternoons watching the football. Whatever this summer means to you, we want to make sure you’re enjoying your time at home as much as possible, in the utmost comfort.