LED-Man’s Big Questions 06/08/15

6 August 2015

LED-Man’s Big Questions 06/08/15
LED-Man’s Big Questions 06/08/15
Back and better than ever, LED-Man is here to answer your LED related questions. Q: I want to put some LED strip on shelves in my alcove. The shelves are about 1m long and there are 4 of them. What can you recommend? A: For subtle lighting I would suggest the 5m LED tape and a 30 watt transformer. You can cut the strip to fit, then run cable to the transformer either by using the connectors or by soldering. Here are the products you’d need to do this:
5M 60 chip Strip
30w Transformer
Pack of 3 Connectors
Q: What is the operating range of your 12v transformers? A: -30 ° - +50°C Q: How fast does the Smartglider go? A: We've reached speeds of up to 15 km/h smartGlider-self-balancing-board Q: How long does the self balancing board it take to charge? A: Up to 2 hours for a full charge Q:My light fitting says either use 5 x 8 watt max ses energy saving or 5 x 28 watt max SES candle bulb,. Which LED bulbs would I purchase? It says max 40 per bulb (5 in all) A: The ratings on these fittings are for incandescent lamps which dissipate much more heat, so they are not relevant for LEDs which run much cooler. Any of the E14 candles would suit your requirements.