Give a unicycle a motor and you get this...

11 August 2015

Give a unicycle a motor and you get this...
Give a unicycle a motor and you get this...
When you think of unicycles, images of mustachioed men clad in tweed jackets and clowns teetering on tight-ropes tend to spring to mind. While those halcyon days of innocent tomfoolery and actual face-to-face communication may be gone, we’ve decided to bring the unicycle back. But with a twist. Instead of peddling your way from A to B, the UniGlider - a self-balancing electric unicycle - comes with a built-in 132W motor, giving an old classic a 21st century revamp.
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The UniGlider is like the other new travel innovation that makes up our Future Wheel range: the increasingly popular SmartGlider. Unlike the SmartGlider, the UniGlider is only one-wheeled, so balancing is a little trickier but the rewards are worth it. It even comes with stabilisers to help you get going. Once mastered, while other commuter plod their way to work, you’ll be zipping about town with the confidence and panache of Victorian gentry.
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It’s narrower than the SmartGlider, so can be seen as being more versatile. It also reaches speeds of 7.5mph, weighs 12kg and comes with a handle for easy transportation. Sturdy and robust, it’ll manage weights up to 120kg. And it only takes between 1-2 hours to charge, giving you a good 11 miles of mileage. So it’s a pretty cool bit of kit that mixes vintage charm with bold modernism to great effect. If you’re interested in taking up a bit of gliding, then head over to our online store and get free delivery too.