LED-Man’s Big Questions 15/06/15

15 June 2015

LED-Man’s Big Questions 15/06/15
LED-Man’s Big Questions 15/06/15
Welcome to the 2nd edition of LED Man's Big Questions. He's continuing his quest to help people make the change to LED bulbs by answering the most common questions raised by you. Q: I'm looking for GU10s that I can use with a dimmer. What have you available? A: All of our GU10s have dimmable options. Just select the dimmable option from the product description when placing the item in your basket.


Also make sure that your dimmer switch is a low load trailing edge type, like dimmer switches that we sell:

See this article for more information on dimmable LEDs Q: I want to brighten up my garden for the summer. Can you help?

A: Certainly. We have a range of solar powered outdoor and garden lighting here


Also looking at our decking and ground lights here: Q: Is it really as simple as changing a light bulb? A: In most cases, yes. We have LED alternative to all the most popular fittings you will have in your home such as GU10 & E27. Simply swap over your old bulb. Select the base that you want to replace below.
GU10 MR16 MR11 E27
B22 E14 G9 G4


There may be certain implications if you are changing low voltage lamps that run on transformers to LED, such as MR16 or G4. Please do not hesitate to call for further advice. Q: Can I save money with LEDs? A:Simply put yes. Because of the low energy consumption of LED lamps they cost far less to run than traditional light bulbs. In fact they use up to 90% less electricity than halogens. And with a lifespan of over 20 years, you'll be saving money for years to come. See our article on Why LED bulbs for more information. Q: Are LED panel lights dimmable? A: Not as they come, but a dimmable driver is available for the 40 watt models. Please call for further details.