LED-MAN’s Big Questions - 15/10/15

15 October 2015

LED-MAN’s Big Questions - 15/10/15
LED-MAN’s Big Questions - 15/10/15
Q: I already have a power cable running to my existing flood light. Can the 30w slimline LED flood light you sell be fitted with my existing cable or is the unit sealed? A: The unit is sealed, so we would recommend a junction box for this.
30w-web3_1 30W Slimline Flood
FL-30 30W Slimline Flood - With Sensor
Q: How can I ensure that my bulbs don't flicker? A: For dimmable lamps, make sure that you choose the dimmable option of the bulb, and that you have them on a trailing edge LED dimmer switch. We recommend the Varilight V-Pro. Other brands are available, but we cannot guarantee compatibility. The minimum load per gang on this switch is 2 bulbs or 10 watts, and the maximum load is 10 bulbs or 100 watts. For 12v lamps, transformers more often than not have to be changed as well, due to the difference in wattage between the halogen and the LED. For dimmable 12v lamps, a dimmable transformer and a trailing edge dimmer switch are necessary.
tan-20-d LED Transformer
switch_1 Varilight Pro
Q: Will your bulbs work with touch lamps? A: Touch lamps may not work with LEDs due to their dimmers being leading - not trailing - edge. For this reason we cannot guarantee compatibility. Q: Do you have any shops? A: There is a retail shop in Winchester at 6B The Foundry, SO23 7QN. Telephone: 01962 851 929 Q: Which side of the transformer do I put my dimmer switch on? A: Either, but the secondary side should give better results.