Style Of The Week #2

14 October 2015

Style Of The Week #2
Style Of The Week #2
It’s time for our second instalment of 'Style of the Week'. In this post we'll be shining a light ondining room LED lighting, an area of function and style, comfort and practicality, and a place where guests congregate to while away the evening. All in all, a pretty important room, whether you're entertaining family, or hosting a dinner party. DiningRoom_spots_candles In this room the dining table is king and the focal point. Sat atop is a deep blue table runner that complements the surrounding beach furnishings and matching lamp shades and crockery. A mixture of real and LED candles have been used to add mood lighting for when night draws in, with both featuring real wax to maintain authenticity. Above sits a chandelier for added grandeur, while LED spotlights provide supporting lighting and allows for flexibility when creating the desired ambience. For extra effect, dimmable GU10 LEDs can give you more control over the atmosphere.
DiningRoom_lamp_filament_bulb DiningRoom_cystal_wall_light
Additional lighting can be found in the matching lamps and crystal wall lights. The lamp here features retro E27 bulbs with an exposed filament which pay homage to the Victorian Edison bulbs of yesteryear, while standard size and fit G4 LEDs sit inside the wall fitting to provide extra-brightness from a small area. Shop The Look
Crystal Wall Light £80
E27 Filament Bulb £8.53
2.5w G4 Bulb £4.99
Real Wax LED Candles £11.51