LED-Man’s Big Questions 28/07/15

28 July 2015

LED-Man’s Big Questions 28/07/15
LED-Man’s Big Questions 28/07/15
After a week away, LED-Man has returned to answer all LED based questions. Here are this week's Big Questions. Q: How many colour-changing lamps can I control from one device? A: We have 2 types; an GU10 & MR16 that use remote and can control multiple bulbs within the remotes range. Also we have E27 smart bulbs, their downloadable app enables you to control multiple lamps via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
E27 Bluetooth
E27 Wi-Fi
Q: How do I set up the alarm clock camera? A: An instruction booklet and CD is provided. Simply download the software to your PC or phone. Q: Do you sell phone chargers? A: We have a range of portable mobile chargers, and also some mains sockets with USB sockets incorporated. The portable chargers are perfect for people on the go. Charge your devices anywhere; the bus, train, at work or in the great outdoors. portable-mobile-chargers The USB socketswill avoid ugly overloaded traditional sockets when charging/powering multiple devices. USB-plug-sockets Q: Do you ship to France? A: Yes, with DHL for €3.99. Delivery takes 2-4 days. Q: How do I install my floodlight? A: Most floodlights should be installed by a qualified electrician. If connected outside, the flex should be connected to the mains supply in a weatherproof box. This is not the case for the solar floodlight as mains power isn’t needed.
Q: Are there any MR16 lamps that do not require a transformer change A: Good question. Unfortunately, in most cases, the transformer will have to be changed, as the lower load from the LEDs does not sufficiently load down a halogen transformer. We have several wattages available so you can choose the best one for your requirements. If it is not practical for you, for example, if the transformer is inaccessible, it may be possible to reach a compromise solution whereby one or two halogens are left in the circuit to load the transformer. But for optimum performance and compatibility, we recommend that transformers are changed when going from halogen to LED low voltage lamps.